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Can I Keep My Home or Car?

Bankruptcy can help you protect your home and car. Every case is different, but you will know whether your property is fully exempt when your initial consultation is complete. Sometimes, we may request a market analysis on your home to help us give you the most accurate answer.

Will My Spouse Have to File Bankruptcy Too?

If your debts are in one spouse’s name, only that spouse needs to file. However, if you have joint debts it is best for both of you to file, since creditors could collect against the non-filing spouse if one of you remains unprotected.

Will My Employer Find Out?

Bankruptcy petitions are matters of public record. However, under normal circumstances your employer will not receive any special notification that you filed. This would only happen if your employer is also one of your creditors.

Will Bill Collectors Stop Calling Me?

Bankruptcy grants an “automatic stay,” which prevents creditors from taking further action to collect on your account. Sometimes, a collector may call before receiving notice. If this happens, simply tell the creditor that you are working with us, and give the agent our contact information.

Can I Pay a Discharged Debt After My Bankruptcy Case has Been Completed?

A debtor may voluntarily repay any discharged debt. Sometimes, debtors choose to do this because the creditor is a family member, friend of the family, or important part of their life (like the family doctor, or dentist).

Will Filing Bankruptcy Affect My Credit?

Bankruptcy filings appear on your credit report for 7-10 years. There are ways to repair your credit after bankruptcy! Most clients simply obtain new credit and conscientiously make their new payments on time.

Will I Have to Appear in Court?

You will need to attend a “341 Hearing” conducted by a bankruptcy trustee. The trustee and any creditors who appear will have the opportunity to ask questions about your income, assets, expenses and other matters. You won’t have to face this alone! Paul and Cici will accompany you to your hearing.

What Should I Bring to the 341 Hearing?

You need to bring your social security card. You’ll also need your Michigan ID card or Michigan Driver’s License.


DISCLAIMER -The information on this page is not to be interpreted as legal advice. Bankruptcy law is complicated. Consult an attorney before taking any action.

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