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•"Dear Paul, Tammie, Penny, Gina, and the rest of the staff: Having watched the other lawyers in the courtroom, we were very glad that we chose your firm to represent us in our bankruptcy. In every interaction with you we were met with calm, kindness, professionalism, and, especially from Tammie, endless patience. You made us feel that we were in good hands right from the start. We would definitely recommend you to anyone in a similar position. Thank you for your help."

•“Thanks again everybody. You all do a great job and are great people in heart”

•"You are awesome and we thank you for fighting for us. Our experience with you and the rest of your team was absolutely wonderful and stress free. (other than the fact what we were going through) If we ever need legal help in the future or if I can pass on a reference I will come to you again."

•"Thank you so very much in helping us get our lives started out fresh. It is because of you and your wonderful staff Cici-Jim- and most of all Penny. You and your office team are just great. Thank you and God Bless."

•"Thank you…What a great bunch of people you all are!!!"

•"I’m just so up in the air between the court, my family, my health and my financial situation that I have become over vigilant on just about everything. The past couple of months have been extremely stressful. Again, I must emphasize that there are days when the only thing not shaken is my faith in your office. As always, thanks to you and Paul and Cici and the rest of your staff for your protection and guidance."

•"Penny, Tammie, and Paul: Thank you! The judge said you are good. A great recommendation! I know it doesn’t “just happen”. You guided me. I worked my butt off. You did too…and you remain the “gold standard” for bankruptcy in my book."

•"There isn’t a day that goes by that we are not grateful for all you have done for us. Thank you so much!!!"

•"Dear Ms. Cici attorney extraordinaire. I wanted to thank you for your help with our ‘botched’ chapter 7 bankruptcy. I realize you didn’t have to. Sometimes bad things bring out the good in individuals/others. Thank you!"

•"Penny, thank you so much for making this as easy of a situation as it can be. Your entire office has been great but you above all are wonderful. Thank you."

•"Dear Paul, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff (especially, Cleone and Penny) for all your help in getting me out of my financial difficulty. It is pretty stressful when you know the ship is sinking and there is nothing you can do. Again I want to say Thank you!!!!"

•"Thanks to all the staff. You’ve been a great help."

•"Once again, I would like to thank each and every one of you for a great job done and all that extra. We will never forget you guys."

•"It went smooth (341 hearing). Cici really helped. She was able to boost me to the front. Please relay my thanks to her. I really appreciate it. You guys are great."

•"To Paul and Staff: Thanks, it seems such a small word for all you’ve done."

•"Thanks you made my day!!!"

•"Thanks, I'm sure glad you guys are on my side; it has made this experience much easier than it could have been."

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